Live and interactions

Live and interactions

Live broadcasting
  • Multi sessions (simultaneous)
  • Full HD video quality and low latency
  • Video player customization
  • Display modes: 16:9 (landscape) or 9:16 (portrait)
  • Event in "full Mobile" mode
  • Automatic transcription (speech-to-text)
  • Live machine translation
  • Velotype (tool integrated to the platform)
  • Backup stream 
  • Multi-websites / Multi-speakers
  • Replay
  • Chat room
  • Questions (anonymous/nominal mode)
  • Question moderation
  • Quiz
  • Emojis
  • Display of the video in superimposition
  • Extended screen remotely - Deportation of interactions on the mobile
  • Extended screen in the room - Access to interactions on the mobile
  • Integration of 3D objects (with or without clickable links)
  • User account management
  • Live supervision
  • Enabling / Disabling services during live brodcasting
Voilà Studio
  • Video console
  • Management of live streams and content (evergreen content video)
  • Insertion of text, images, graphics
  • Creation of scenarios (customizable models)
Voilà Direct
  • Instant video capture and broadcasting application on the Voilà platform
  • Advanced features (video quality, camera inversion, PTZ camera, lens selection)
  • Compatible with IOS and Android

Voilà Studio

Mobile event

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