by Voilà

A moment to unify your teams and
show the commitment of your company

Voilà offers to organize your company’s greetings through a turnkey concept

A strong concept
A very simple production
A modern and engaging format

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Greetings, an event not to be missed

The commitment of employees is one of the main topics of management today.
That’s why Voilà offers you engaging greetings!
A turnkey event format that links engagement, CSR and holiday greetings.
Even remotely, it’s possible to engage your employees by using the live event and all the interactions that Voilà offers.
This is the perfect time to re-engage employees and involve them in the company’s future plans and prospects.

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We create a unique event for you

Voila takes care of everything.
From the concept and writing, to the installation of the technical equipment (light, microphone), the video recording in your spaces, the coordination of the live show and the support, until the live broadcast.

Format: 45 minutes 
Price: from €12,000
Including 4000€ for the platform, 4000€ for 5 days of support, 4000€ for the production.

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We create 3 highlights to share with your employees.

1. The retrospective of the past year

Involve your employees in a survey and display the numbers on top of the video.

  • The projects implemented
  • The recruitments carried out
  • The revenues
  • New customers, etc.

Un format d'événement : les voeux d'entreprise créer par Voilà

2. The exchange of greetings

Share your greetings, it’s a good opportunity to build team loyalty. Display them for the year 2023 in the form of a word cloud to wish each other health, happiness, love, success…

Un format d'événement : les voeux d'entreprise créer par Voilà

3. The company’s commitment

Make committed and engaging greetings by supporting a cause, an association or a project of your choice. To do so, use a survey so that the team can choose among 3 predefined proposals.

Un format d'événement : les voeux d'entreprise créer par Voilà

Let’s organize your business greetings

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