About us

It didn’t begin in a garage but in a kitchen.
Two major groups, Publicis and Orange, have trusted their employees
and believed in the power of co-intrapreneurship.

Co-intrapreneurship: a new form of collaboration that is quite unique, but which has brought together complementary talents
(knowledge of the network and streaming, audiovisual quality, digital experience, technological expertise).

The Voilà platform does not want to replace physical events, but to complement them!
And to make the remote experience an enhanced experience and
not a degraded-subjective-low-quality experience.

Voilà is a team of enthusiasts divided over three sites: Paris, Rennes and Lannion.

Voilà’s core business is a technological and digital platform whose development is entirely internalized. The tech culture is therefore very present, including in its design component.

Team Voilà at Heavent Paris 2022

Team Voilà at Viva Technology 2022

Words from the team

"The digital event industry is an Uberized market, but there is no Uber. In France, there are about 380,000 corporate events per year, of which 30% to 50% are or will soon be hybrid or digital. And to date, if the number of active market players is significant, there is no leader yet."
"Meetings and events are two very distinct moments, the proof: in meetings you get the chouquettes, in events you get the champagne!"
CMO and Co-founder
"Voilà is our platform, each of us can really influence it and make it better, and that's really exciting."
"Managing hybrid and digital events is always a powerful, often emotional and significant moment for our clients... and there are regularly unforeseen challenges. But with Voilà and its teams, clients can count on a reliable, high quality platform with flawless human support."
Event Project Manager